I am an author! Book one is published. Book two is slowly simmering. Look for blog posts about my progress through She Waited for Me, due out later in 2017.

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Wow! Libby M. Blumberg’s, In So Many Words—a medley of life changing conversations, was nothing but inspirational. The conversations and stories that Libby shares, with her audience, are truly eye opening and encourage you to think of your own life’s journey. This original piece of literature, allows the reader to spiritually and emotionally analyze their own personal feelings by making connections and reassuring yourself that there is a bright and positive side to situations in our lives. In So Many Words, is uplifting, inspiring, and provides a sense of hope. Libby M. Blumberg, not only shares her honest life stories, but most importantly how she overcame uncertainties in her life through spiritual awareness, yoga, and her lifelong friendships-which is genuinely admirable. I personally cannot wait to read, She Waited for Me, Libby’s next book.
Format: Paperback

A wonderfully woven tale of friendship, discovery and a journey towards motherhood. A great read for all but particularly if you find yourself at a crossroad of spirituality, growth and the human experience. Libby allows us in as she discovers the spiritual connections around her.
Format: Paperback

I loved this book! It’s a quick read but packed with marvelous observations about friendship, becoming a mother and learning about life. Makes me want to try yoga.

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