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Once or twice a month, I will send a newsletter about what’s happening in my Fundanoodle business, from which I sell educational games, books, and activities. You can find out more about this awesome company on my Fundanoodle site. If you’d like to receive this newsletter, enter your email below.

And here’s a bit from my Fundanoodle website:

Our games, books, and activities are designed to first strengthen the finger and hand muscles, then guide the child through strategically progressive exercises for further development in successful hand writing. There is no other program that does this.

And we certainly don’t forget the gross motor needs of the child. Our products can be done on the floor, on a wall, window, or easel, at a seat, in a play space, and even on planes, trains, and automobiles! You can take Fundanoodle anywhere and believe me, you are going to want to.

To get the best idea of how these products work, visit my YOUTUBE channel, starring my daughter, Emma. She demonstrates some of our most popular products like I Can Pound, I Can Do Fun Activities, and Safety Scissors. She is my number one sales rep.

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