Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Ever Using a Pencil

Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Ever Using a Pencil…

Is your little learner struggling with handwriting? Do you want your child to write a little neater? Or do you just want to get a little bit ahead of that kindergarten game?

Well, put that pencil down. Put the paper away. Fundanoodle has your solution!

Introducing the Muscle Mover FUN kit!

Did you notice the word fun? That’s the key that often gets removed from letter writing and formation. We tend to expect our 3, 4, and even 5 year old children to pick up a crayon, pencil, or pen, hold it properly, and just start writing. And this leads to frustration. This is just one of the Fundanoodle products that will help solve that problem.

Your child needs to build and strengthen those finger and hand muscles BEFORE ever picking up a writing implement. And that comes from using the fingers and hands to push, pull, pinch, grasp, roll, and stretch.

Today is a great day for Fundanoodle, as we launch our new kits which employ the Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Using a Pencil:

three ways

1.) Our Muscle Mover cards, either in an Uppercase or Lowercase set, start with a colorful, fun, and unique animal action/sound on one side. The child uses their large motor skills to gallop, soar, moo, or roar, etc., preparing their body and mind to concentrate on letter formation. The flip side of the card shows the letter (uppercase or lowercase) of the animal they just emulated.

2.) From the Play Doh container provided in the kit, they will roll the Play Doh into long strips and trace the letter. It can all be traced with one long piece, like the letters L, C, and S. Or it will be traced in sections, as in the letters T, H, and B. But the sky’s the limit! I’ve seen children make small balls and place them on the letter until it is fully covered; or flatten tiny little pancakes on the letter to complete it’s formation.

This little learner chose to use our Safety Scissors to create a very sunny and bright lowercase ‘y’!

three ways three ways

3.) From the Wikki Stix bag, they will then trace the letter with these sticky, bendable, and colorful sticks. They can use different colors for different sections of the letters. They can fold the sticks to fit the letter. The sticks can be cut (with parental supervision or support, if necessary) to fit the letter formation. Again, innovative tracing techniques are welcome here!

Enjoy this video of Emma and Aiden, ages 5 and 6, putting all three ways into practice. There’s no doubt that our new product lives up to it’s name with tons of FUN!

Buy this product using the links below. And as always, contact me through my website with questions about this and any of our products.

Product # 93400
Our Lowercase Muscle Mover FUN Kits include: • Fundanoodle’s Lowercase Muscle Mover Cards and dry erase pen • Wikki Stix • Play Doh • Easy instructions for hands-on learning fun! • All this for just $26.99! Your Little Learner will love these colorful cards featuring unique animals and movement activities. There is no better way to practice letter formation!
Product # 93300
Our Uppercase Muscle Mover FUN Kits include: • Fundanoodle’s Uppercase Muscle Mover Cards and dry erase pen • Wikki Stix • Play Doh • Easy instructions for hands-on learning fun! • All this for just $26.99! Your Little Learner will love these colorful cards featuring unique animals and movement activities. There is no better way to practice letter formation!



three ways three ways


God Gave Me THE FEELS…


You can tell me to build a thick skin. You can tell me it’s no big deal. You can even tell me to lighten up. But if you tell me I’m too sensitive, you’ll have an argument on your hands. 

Many years ago, I was built a certain way. God gave me the feels. That includes, but is not limited to the following:

sensitivity, emotion, passion, sympathy, empathy, thin skin, fear of the unknown, depression, anxiety, and unconditional love. 

And now imagine all of that swirling around in my body at any given moment. It could be a good moment in which all of those things serve me well. The feels do their job and life is good. 

But the swirling can also occur when the moment is not so good. It could be an argument, a strange place, a difficult person, or even something as simple as a paper cut under certain circumstances. 

When the feels emerge here, the consequences are disturbing and unavoidable. This is when physical reactions are added to the mix:

rapid heart beat, chest tightness, sweaty palms, shaking hands, uncontrollable tears, shortness of breath, and stomach knots.

It’s not pretty, it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t even stop there. For days, those reactions manifest themselves into tension, stomach and head aches, indigestion, insomnia, and sometimes, panic attacks.

As much as I’ve learned, as strong as I’ve become, and for each and every hardship I’ve survived, I was still built the same way. With the feels.

So, yes, I’ll do my best to put my big girl pants on every day and ride the storms that evolve around me. But I can’t ever change the way I feel about it. And you’d be wise not to ask me to.

God gave me the feels. And I like what God gave me.


Busy Bees for Deserving Teachers

Busy bees and busy hands are at work today for a Teacher Appreciation event coming up next week. I will be presenting the divisions of my business, Shanti Mom For One: Author, Artist, Educator.

Thank you to Keeping it Real and her Really Crafty Link Party for allowing me to share my progress. These will be clothes pin magnets for teachers to use in their classroom. The attached note will say:

“Thanks for bee-ing you!”

I went through a couple of failures before ending up with the right combination of pieces, colors, and materials. These are made with:

  • clothes pins
  • black paint
  • black pipe cleaners
  • yellow puff balls
  • yellow and glittered black felt
  • googly eyes
  • yellow and white striped straws

Still 6 bees to make and then they will all be attached to the clothes pins and magnets. Just a small token of appreciation and an example of my mixed media art work done through Oh BaBee! Originals.


busy beesbusy bees busy bees busy bees busy bees

CD Giveaway on Blog Mom Reviews!

 Enter my giveaway on Blog Mom Reviews! cd giveaway
 cd giveaway cd giveaway
Here’s more from Sugar Mountain PR:

“Portland, February 28, 2017 ~ Red Yarn, Portland’s acclaimed family folksinger and puppeteer, releases a new album called Born in the Deep Woods on March 10. The album completes his Deep Woods trilogy, an epic song cycle exploring the roots and branches of American folk music. With his full band and puppet troupe, Red Yarn will celebrate the release with shows around the Pacific Northwest this spring, at SXSW in March, and on an east coast tour this summer.

Seven years ago, Texas-born artist and educator Andy Furgeson began a deep exploration of American folk music, adapting dozens of songs and posting rough recordings under the name Red Yarn. He dreamed up a forest called the Deep Woods to contain the strange animal tales he found. He created a cast of “critter” puppets to bring the characters to life. His homespun aesthetic caught on in Portland, where he built a successful career performing these songs and stories for thousands of families. Three award-winning albums and many music videos later, Red Yarn culminates his Deep Woods project with Born in the Deep Woods, his boldest musical statement yet.

Recorded at Portland’s Type Foundry Studio with celebrated producer Adam Selzer, Born in the Deep Woods explores the genres that grew out of American folk music. From bluegrass to heartland rock, the album traces the evolution of our national musical vernacular.

At the heart of the album are Furgeson’s harmonies with his wife Jessie Eller-Isaacs. Recorded while she was expecting their second child, many songs channel the joys and fears of bringing new life into the world.”

Learn more about Born in the Deep Woods and Red Yarn at, and at this link.

See Red Yarn, Ms. Jessie, their full band and critter pals LIVE:

SXSW Week: March 14 – 18 – various performances (with LiveMom, Do512, Children’s Cancer Association, and Spare the Rock Radio) in Austin, TX 

Saturday,  April 22 – The Fambly Ramble returns with special guest two-time Grammy Award nominee Justin Roberts, at Mission Theater and Pub, Portland, OR


Reviews Have Me Beaming!

Feeling proud today. I’ve got twelve reviews of my book on Amazon and this site. These words are so meaningful. Those who have read it range from family and friends to acquaintances and those I’ve never met. This outcome is astounding and I am beaming with pride! Thank you!

By Mythreesons on January 9, 2017


A wonderfully woven tale of friendship, discovery and a journey towards motherhood. A great read for all but particularly if you find yourself at a crossroad of spirituality, growth and the human experience. Libby allows us in as she discovers the spiritual connections around her.

By M.C. O’Neill on January 11, 2017

I loved this book! It’s a quick read but packed with marvelous observations about friendship, becoming a mother and learning about life. Makes me want to try yoga.

By Sara on January 16, 2017

Wow! Libby M. Blumberg’s, In So Many Words—a medley of life changing conversations, was nothing but inspirational. The conversations and stories that Libby shares, with her audience, are truly eye opening and encourage you to think of your own life’s journey. This original piece of literature, allows the reader to spiritually and emotionally analyze their own personal feelings by making connections and reassuring yourself that there is a bright and positive side to situations in our lives. In So Many Words, is uplifting, inspiring, and provides a sense of hope. Libby M. Blumberg, not only shares her honest life stories, but most importantly how she overcame uncertainties in her life through spiritual awareness, yoga, and her lifelong friendships-which is genuinely admirable. I personally cannot wait to read, She Waited for Me, Libby’s next book.

By Kindle Customer on January 18, 2017

In So Many Words: a medley of life changing conversations is truly a worth while read. Libby M. Blumberg tells her story as closely to having a conversation face to face as a reader can get. It is refreshing and inspiring and full of feeling. This book, without a doubt, is so applicable to so very many. I am confident that readers from all walks of life can find something to relate to, some meaning to take away or have an “I really needed to hear” that moment during the course of this well written, down to earth book! Happy reading!

By Jason Sandberg on January 22, 2017

Libby Blumberg has written a gem of a book, collecting and preserving some of those impactful conversations that enter our lives at just the right moment. “In So Many Words” will be valuable to anyone in the process of setting a new course in life, or mustering the courage to make a course correction.  * Jason is a fellow author and illustrator. Check him out.

By April from MA on January 29, 2017

Rarely do you find a book that speaks to your soul as a mother, a woman, and a seeker of self-awareness. “In So Many Words” is a honest reflection of life from the perspective of another mother and woman who asks the eternal question, “Why?” I found this book easy and enjoyable to read. Honestly, it flowed much like a conversation with an old friend.

By L. Postell on February 3, 2017

Thank you for being so courageous and willing to share your journey with us. It was amazing to read her passion for life through the good times and bad. I’m interested to read the next book!

By Amazon Customer on January 18, 2017

Libby’s story is one of courage, deep faith and trust in the value of human relationships. She has a gift for introspection, acceptance and an open heart. She inspires the reader to take that “leap of faith” with confidence and trust. I look forward to reading Libby’s second book, “She Waited For Me”.

By connie butler on February 27, 2017

Thank you Libby for sharing your heart with us. I love how as a young woman that were open to learning from women that were older. It is my belief that we are all here to share our wisdom and love with one another unconditionally. Your story is heart warming and I look forward to your next book.

By Ron Mexico on February 26, 2017

Such an interesting story. So glad this group met to help this beautiful woman. Libby leaves us wanting more from her next book!!

By SS on January 28, 2017

If you’ve ever had good friends (and you know you have) you will enjoy this book. Thanks to Libby Marsh Blumberg for writing it all down….

In So Many Words: a medley of life changing conversations is truly a worth while read. Libby M. Blumberg tells her story as closely to having a conversation face to face as a reader can get. It is refreshing and inspiring and full of feeling. This book, without a doubt, is so applicable to so very many. I am confident that readers from all walks of life can find something to relate to, some meaning to take away or have an “I really needed to hear” that moment during the course of this well written, down to earth book! Happy reading!  * Jessica is a fellow Fundanoodle Ambassador. Check her out.


“Oddball” DVD Review and Giveaway!

Oddball is a dog. A really sweet dog. But he’s a dog who gets into a lot of trouble. Until he finds his calling…penguins. “Oddball” is a sweet, loving, and happily ending story for the whole family. The cast of characters, both human and not, are as different from each other as they can be. But somehow they all come together to show that persistence, love, and instincts can solve the toughest problems. We promise you will adore this movie! Enter my giveaway to win the DVD or Digital Copy. The giveaway opens at midnight tonight!


A little more from Entertainment One:

“Oddball is based on the true story of an eccentric chicken farmer, who with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town.”

Thank you to Momentum Pictures for our complimentary CD in exchange for this review and giveaway. Good luck everybody!!




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Show Some Love to Book One

Show some love to book one with me, as I mentally prepare to begin book two on March 1st. In So Many Words is my baby, will always be my virgin step into ‘author-dom’ and has had exactly the response I hoped for.

So, here, with five days until my fingers hit the keyboard for another deep, introspective, and frankly, a bit scary ride, thank you to book one, the people who read it, and the impact it has had on friends, family, and complete strangers.

show some loveshow some loveshow some love

The task ahead is daunting, but so exciting. Book one churned up quite the array of emotions. Book two has the potential to take me back to places which will make me stop in my tracks and feel a pit in my stomach. But the purpose behind sharing these things will far outweigh the fear.

Reading In So Many Words is not a necessary prerequisite to reading She Waited for Me when it comes out later this year, but it would be helpful. You can purchase it on this website under my Author tab above or on Amazon. If you read it, I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon and/or this site.


Always connect.




Featured by Cee’s Photography!

Being featured on Cee’s Photography is such an honor! She is a fabulous photographer and lets us play with her all week in her cool photo challenges. She featured my post, Boulder Faces, and her message came at a moment when I needed something to smile about. Thanks Cee!

Now, onto Looking Down at Things…hmmm.


Here is something really amazing about Cee (from her page About Cee):

“One of my other passions is in life is Qigong for healing.  I had Chronic Lyme Disease and it was undiagnosed for 25 years and have been through a 40-day coma with multi-organ failure and am dependent on insulin (Type I Diabetes) because of my Lyme Disease.  To read more about Lyme Disease, please see My Lyme Disease Story.  In November 2012, I was on my death bed and a Master Qigong Healer started to treat me and began healing my body.  Currently all symptoms and infections of lyme disease have been healed.  My body has sustained a lot of damage over the past 30 years and is still healing and will be for a few years yet.  But the constant threat of dying from lymes is no longer a part of my life.  Just this past month I have started classes to become a qigong teacher and eventually a healer (2014).  It will take at least six years to become a healer.  I’m just starting that journey.”

Boulder Faces for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Boulder Faces for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I fell in love with this boulder on my brother’s property, 8 Point Farm, a couple summers ago because I liked the top image of a dancer in mid leap. But it was the first photo I thought of for this challenge because there is so much else to see. I can also see a few different faces: a squished face, a guilty face, a fat face, and a scarred face. I’m sure if I studied it longer, I could find some more. What kinds of faces can you see?

I’ve offered two different rotations of the photo, but feel free to look at it from all directions. Who knows what you might find!


boulder boulder

Facebook Asked, What’s On My Mind?

Facebook asks me, “What’s on your mind?”  Well, that’s pretty cool. It’s nice and open ended. Tonight, as I enjoy a hotel stay by myself on my way to a conference, I’d like to simply tell you what’s on my mind.

  • A headache is on my mind, but it should be gone soon. Bedtime will be early tonight.
  • My daughter and hubby are on my mind. I will miss them this weekend but hope they have lots of fun together. Facebook
  • Fundanoodle Fiesta is on my mind. This is the first ever National Sales Conference for Fundanoodle. It will be so much fun! We will learn how to grow our businesses by sharing ideas with each other and learning strategies from the experts. I have the honor of sharing a yoga practice on Sunday morning. We will explore postures for our Second Chakra and tap into our creative energy.Facebook
  • Two of my yoga students from this morning are on my mind. One of them is a friend of the women who contributed to my book, In So Many Words. We really connected and hope to work together on some yoga/healing work. The second one is a woman who had been out of class following knee replacement surgery. After class, I asked her how class felt. She said, “It was like coming home.” What an amazing response! Those words made my day!
  • Lots of SEO work on my websites is on my mind. Two experts in the field gave me some really good information about the importance of Search Engine Optimization and the best ways to implement it. Will be a lot of work, but not difficult.
  • And lastly, my very full belly is on my mind. But it won’t stop me from eating the chocolate covered raisins I bought at Cracker Barrell.

Peace out !