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How my daughter made everything better

As I lay next to my daughter at bed time last night, silently sobbing because of the guilt I felt for yelling at her 30 minutes earlier, I knew something had to change. So today, I focused my energies on her. We spent the whole day together, coloring, making things, watching TV, and having ‘tea’.


It was a great day that ended with a very sweet night.

She seems to be very pensive at bed time lately. She just lies there, staring at her new princess decals on her wall, deep in thought.

Tonight, we had this conversation:

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What?”

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Emma: “I feel like someone who’s not me.”

Me: “Does it feel good?”

Emma: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, that’s good. And, you know, we are a lot alike. You are a smaller version of me. After all, you lived in my belly for a long time.”

Emma: “So, we’re twins.”

Me: “Yes, kind of. You’re the little twin and I’m the big twin.”

Then Daddy walked in the room to say goodnight and we told him about our conversation.

Here I sit, writing this, still completely floored by my daughter.


pillow case

Angel Baby Pillow Case Review

Thank you to Tomoson and Angel Direct Products for my heavily discounted pillow case in exchange for this review.

This is my third product from Angel Direct Products and I am completely happy with all three. My daughter has the toddler pillow and now two pillow cases, one in pink and one in white. I purchased the pink pillow case on my own after receiving the pillow to review. I’m glad now to have a second pillow case.

My daughter loves this pillow and carries it with her in the morning sometimes to climb into bed with me. It is comfortable and just the right size for her little body. We always have to make sure it finds its way back to her bed before she goes down for the night.


pillow case


Product Description from Angel Direct Products:

Finally A Pillow Case That is Custom Made for All Toddlers 

The Secret to Having Your Toddler Sleep Safely & Comfortably is the Angel Baby Custom Made TODDLER PILLOW CASE for toddler pillows 

– This  is 100% PREMIUM COTTON Percale. – It has a 400 THREAD COUNT SATEEN WEAVE for superior durability! 
– Machine Washable, Tumble Dry! 
– Superior Softness and Comfort. 
– Fits ANY Toddler, Travel, or Decorative Pillow that is sized 14×20 inches or less 
– Designed for the Angel Baby Toddler Pillow 
– made in USA 

The Angel Baby toddler pillow case is recommended for children from ages 2-4 yrs for sleeping in the crib, the car for travel, nap time to guarantee a COMFORTABLE and more importantly SAFE SLEEP! 
The ONLY Toddler Travel Pillow Case Cover and Protector that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!