Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Ever Using a Pencil

Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Ever Using a Pencil…

Is your little learner struggling with handwriting? Do you want your child to write a little neater? Or do you just want to get a little bit ahead of that kindergarten game?

Well, put that pencil down. Put the paper away. Fundanoodle has your solution!

Introducing the Muscle Mover FUN kit!

Did you notice the word fun? That’s the key that often gets removed from letter writing and formation. We tend to expect our 3, 4, and even 5 year old children to pick up a crayon, pencil, or pen, hold it properly, and just start writing. And this leads to frustration. This is just one of the Fundanoodle products that will help solve that problem.

Your child needs to build and strengthen those finger and hand muscles BEFORE ever picking up a writing implement. And that comes from using the fingers and hands to push, pull, pinch, grasp, roll, and stretch.

Today is a great day for Fundanoodle, as we launch our new kits which employ the Three Ways to Practice Letters Without Using a Pencil:

three ways

1.) Our Muscle Mover cards, either in an Uppercase or Lowercase set, start with a colorful, fun, and unique animal action/sound on one side. The child uses their large motor skills to gallop, soar, moo, or roar, etc., preparing their body and mind to concentrate on letter formation. The flip side of the card shows the letter (uppercase or lowercase) of the animal they just emulated.

2.) From the Play Doh container provided in the kit, they will roll the Play Doh into long strips and trace the letter. It can all be traced with one long piece, like the letters L, C, and S. Or it will be traced in sections, as in the letters T, H, and B. But the sky’s the limit! I’ve seen children make small balls and place them on the letter until it is fully covered; or flatten tiny little pancakes on the letter to complete it’s formation.

This little learner chose to use our Safety Scissors to create a very sunny and bright lowercase ‘y’!

three ways three ways

3.) From the Wikki Stix bag, they will then trace the letter with these sticky, bendable, and colorful sticks. They can use different colors for different sections of the letters. They can fold the sticks to fit the letter. The sticks can be cut (with parental supervision or support, if necessary) to fit the letter formation. Again, innovative tracing techniques are welcome here!

Enjoy this video of Emma and Aiden, ages 5 and 6, putting all three ways into practice. There’s no doubt that our new product lives up to it’s name with tons of FUN!

Buy this product using the links below. And as always, contact me through my website with questions about this and any of our products.

Product # 93400
Our Lowercase Muscle Mover FUN Kits include: • Fundanoodle’s Lowercase Muscle Mover Cards and dry erase pen • Wikki Stix • Play Doh • Easy instructions for hands-on learning fun! • All this for just $26.99! Your Little Learner will love these colorful cards featuring unique animals and movement activities. There is no better way to practice letter formation!
Product # 93300
Our Uppercase Muscle Mover FUN Kits include: • Fundanoodle’s Uppercase Muscle Mover Cards and dry erase pen • Wikki Stix • Play Doh • Easy instructions for hands-on learning fun! • All this for just $26.99! Your Little Learner will love these colorful cards featuring unique animals and movement activities. There is no better way to practice letter formation!



three ways three ways

Facebook Asked, What’s On My Mind?

Facebook asks me, “What’s on your mind?”  Well, that’s pretty cool. It’s nice and open ended. Tonight, as I enjoy a hotel stay by myself on my way to a conference, I’d like to simply tell you what’s on my mind.

  • A headache is on my mind, but it should be gone soon. Bedtime will be early tonight.
  • My daughter and hubby are on my mind. I will miss them this weekend but hope they have lots of fun together. Facebook
  • Fundanoodle Fiesta is on my mind. This is the first ever National Sales Conference for Fundanoodle. It will be so much fun! We will learn how to grow our businesses by sharing ideas with each other and learning strategies from the experts. I have the honor of sharing a yoga practice on Sunday morning. We will explore postures for our Second Chakra and tap into our creative energy.Facebook
  • Two of my yoga students from this morning are on my mind. One of them is a friend of the women who contributed to my book, In So Many Words. We really connected and hope to work together on some yoga/healing work. The second one is a woman who had been out of class following knee replacement surgery. After class, I asked her how class felt. She said, “It was like coming home.” What an amazing response! Those words made my day!
  • Lots of SEO work on my websites is on my mind. Two experts in the field gave me some really good information about the importance of Search Engine Optimization and the best ways to implement it. Will be a lot of work, but not difficult.
  • And lastly, my very full belly is on my mind. But it won’t stop me from eating the chocolate covered raisins I bought at Cracker Barrell.

Peace out !

Almost Fiesta Time for Fundanoodle!

In just two weeks, several savvy women will be gathering in Charlotte, NC for the first annual Fundanoodle Fiesta! We will come together for three days of networking, learning, sharing, shopping, eating, drinking, and celebrating. And I just can’t wait!

Twice during the conference, I will share my talents with these inspiring women. Because I’ve been with the company since their pilot program in 2015, I am one out of four Ambassadors chosen to speak briefly about our methods for selling, planning events, and marketing. I can’t be sure but I think I was also chosen because I am the turtle of the group. This means that I am building my business very slowly, as opposed to some who hit the ground running and are knocking it out of the park! Our CEO, April Whitlock, loves to remind us that “This is a marathon. Not a sprint.”

It’s a good darn thing.

When I officially started this direct sale business, I was also in the middle of writing my first book, so needless to say, my time and energy was split. Sometimes, Fundanoodle took precedence. Sometimes, the book did. Somehow, I’ve managed to do fairly well in both areas. Nobody’s getting rich any time soon here, but it’s been fun and rewarding.

My main contribution to this conference will be my yoga class for the team. I am so excited about that. We will be tapping into our second chakra for creativity:

Yoga for Creative Energy – Fundanoodle Ambassador Libby Blumberg


Libby will lead the group through a 75 minute yoga practice based on the second chakra (energy, life force). We will warm-up, do standing poses and balances, do one or two restorative poses on the floor, then finish up with relaxation and a guided meditation. The practice will be based on unleashing our creative souls. Libby will use essential oils and gentle presses at the end of class to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body.