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Mingle Monday: “It’s our journey.”


Find out more about "Flat Hunter".
Find out more about “Flat Hunter”.


A craft/vendor show is a great place for mingling. I did plenty of it this past week.

There is one person who’s story has stuck in my mind. We spoke for at least 30 minutes and my thoughts continue to go to her family.

Nancy is a single mother with three children. One of her boys, Hunter, is 17 and in need of a heart transplant. He was born with a heart defect, has had numerous surgeries, and is now on the second tier of transplant recipients. He can not attend school. A simple cold knocks him off his feet. The medical bills are already off the charts and will skyrocket when he gets the call for the transplant. They need about $500,000.

Nancy and Hunter gained some momentum the other day after delivering paperwork to The Tim Tebow Foundation. Tim happened to be there and met Hunter. Wow!

Nancy connected with one of our Helping Hands volunteers as well. Debbie heard about our fundraiser for Hunter and decided to help. And you won’t believe her motivation. Debbie lost her son several years ago and his heart was donated to another young man, with whom she keeps in touch. Nancy told us that the only thing that makes her sad about this whole thing is knowing that someone else has to die to save her son.

Helping Hands of Nocatee, Inc. raised just over $600 for Hunter. Every penny of it will go to COTA for Hunter. And COTA will use every penny of every donation to pay for his medical, travel, lodging, and food bills for his transplant and recovery. Our $600 only gets them so far, but I am proud of our community and humbled by people like Nancy and Debbie who’s strength is admirable.

I won’t forget the phrase Nancy repeated many times: “It’s our journey.”