Emma Grace Dances for the Weekly Photo Challenge

Emma Grace Dances for the Weekly Photo Challenge…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

When thinking of the word graceful, the photos from one of my music reviews in 2015 came to mind. My daughter is certainly not always graceful, but she has her beautiful moments and these were some of them.

This was before I enrolled her in dance class and it was evident right away that she would be drawn to music, movement, and theatrics. Now, she is in her second year of dance and I am seeing a great deal of natural talent. It makes my heart soar, as I was a dancer for 39 years. And I suppose it is no mistake that her middle name is Grace.


Backyard Oasis – Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Ambience


This is my backyard, believe it or not. I still can’t believe it. My husband did such an amazing job designing our personal oasis. We enjoy the pool every day in the summer and the fire pit every night in the winter (Florida winter, that is). Since this photo was taken, we have upgraded to a larger gas fir pit and eventually, we will build an outdoor kitchen. Every time I look out to my backyard, I see and feel the definition of an amazing ambience!

  1. the character and atmosphere of a place.
    “the relaxed ambience of the cocktail lounge is popular with guests”
    • background noise added to a musical recording to give the impression that it was recorded live.